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Ladies - What do you do when you've given your man your all and it's still not good enough? Men - What do you do when you give it your all and it's not enough to get her attention? "Holding Grudges" - a novel by Jacqueline R. Scott, takes you to both places and explores relationships in a romantic, interesting, and suspense filled way. 

Renee is a caring, spiritual, and trusting woman who is deeply in love with her husband, Julian. She is also a strong and intelligent woman who runs her own company and does volunteer work in the community. But, is her kindness also her weakness? She is so consumed with helping others that she doesn't see what is happening under her nose in her own life.

Julian swept Renee off her feet then knocked her off her feet with his cheating ways.  He loves her but he loves pleasing himself more. His lack of respect for their relationship destroys their marriage.

Although she forgives, she can't forget and holds tightly to what has happened in her past. Who can she trust? Should she allow herself to move into the future? Then, in glides a tall dark stranger she meets at a volunteer luncheon.  Is he the one person that can help pull her out of her rut and into a whole new world free of grudges or is he playing games too? Will she be able to let go of her past so that she can hold the present and prepare for what may become her future or is her conscience the only thing she should trust? 

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